"Australians helping skilled migrants and international graduates become successful Australians"

Catapult People delivers the Employment Assistance Settlement and Integration (EASI) Online Program, providing video tutorials and one on one advice sessions to assist skilled migrants and international graduates with succeeding with life in Australia.

We provide: 

  • Ideas to help you to review your job search activity and guide on how to reach the so-called ‘hidden jobs market’ (which is not really hidden at all).
  • We will teach you our proven six strategies for job search success, when you are possibly now pursuing just one strategy, that being applying for advertised jobs only, these representing maybe just 20% of the market. 
  • With our advice, you will know how to get introduced to hundreds of relevant contacts; Peers, Hiring Managers, HR Managers and in-house Recruiters.
  • You will be able to arrange meetings, conversations or email dialogues to help you gain insights into your market and increase the potential for career employment.

For more insights, please check out the testimonials/ (recommendations) of previous program participants at https://au.linkedin.com/in/patrickcomerford1

If you are an Australian skilled migrant (or you aspire to be one) looking for help to secure career work, our EASI Online program is designed for you. It will leave you with a much more explored strategic plan for success, and is sure to result in better job search results!

 Don't waste another minute doing the same things you have been doing and expecting a different result!

Enrol in our EASI Online Program now! Your investment of just AU$249.00 will be recovered with just a few days of work when you succeed in landing a career role!


Patrick Comerford

CEO/Founder/Principal Consultant

Catapult People 


Meet Patrick Comerford discussing the EASI program

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Introduction to the EASI online job search assistance program

Meet Patrick Comerford discussing the EASI Online Program, (including directions for people who do not yet have an Australian visa.)


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